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Flipso uses the Web's most ubiquitous expression engine: E-mail. It's fast, accessible, and pure. Creation and consumption don't happen in the same space — You publish on your terms. With Flipso, every published post is a stand-alone piece on the Web. Only you decide how and where you share it. No flash, just function.

Flipso is just-do-it posting. It can be fun and naive, intimate, or public, long or brief, and random in nature.

Unadorned. No stream. No stories. No dressed up pictures. No social capital. No need to fight an algorithm to reach those who matter. You are not being rated or gamified, because we've ditched the metrics and chemical rewards of social media. A straightforward solution that makes a product objectively worse to make it subjectively better. Let this be the opening salvo of a venerable and symbiotic friendship. Your content is your style. Let every word count. Let every picture tell.

How Flipso Works

Flipso provides you with a secret e-mail address to which you can send all your texts, photos, and links — and in an instant, turns them into a micro blog page.

You can channel your posts to the public, keep them hidden, or send them to private groups like friends & family. Then allow them to comment without leaving their email client.

No need to install an app, learn a new tool, or create an account. It's that simple. And if you miss Web 2.0 services like Posterous, Flipso has you covered.

Welcome to Off-Network Publishing

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