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Flipso is just-do-it posting. It can be fun and naive, private, or public, long or brief, and random in nature. Just put anything you want here. Unadorned. No stream. No stories. No dressed up pictures. No social capital. No need to fight an algorithm to reach those who matter. You are not being rated or gamified because we've ditched the metrics and chemical rewards of social media. Let this be the opening salvo of a venerable and symbiotic friendship.

Publish a post to your public timeline, keep it hidden for selective sharing, or send and notify private groups like friends & family. They won't even need a Flipso account to view or comment.

Blog Via Email? Check.

Use the world's most meticulously crafted expression engine to create posts. It's ubiquitous, accessible, and pure. Simply email us your texts, photos, and links for instant blogging on the go.

No need to install an app or learn a new tool. It's that simple.

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